Derived from the Ilocano word “napintas” meaning pretty and pleasing to the eye, PINTAS JEWELRY was born out of a love for beautiful adornments and a respect for the power of fire\and hammer. After working for several small jewelry companies, Founder Jackie Samson decided to start her own line in early 2020. 
From curves and waves in gold and silver to statement-making gemstones in an array of colors, you will find a special piece–or more–for your own bit of pretty. All of the jewelry is proudly constructed and overseen by hand from sketchbook to design table and workbench to the gift box that ends up in your own hands. Semi-precious stones and crystals are chosen with thoughtful meaning and pieces are created through the flame of fire or the careful working of metal. Inspired by the art of metalsmithing, each design is unique and forged with passion and the hope it elicits the excitement of “where did you get that?” 
Put something pretty on with PINTAS JEWELRY